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Let us take a look Benefits of Medtech Oxygard Pulse Oximeter suppliers in Mumbai.

1. Low Power Consumption

Low-power technology is intended to consume very little energy to extend battery life. Healthcare facilities should use a variety of medical devices that consume little power. This is done to improve patient monitoring and care. 

2. Accurate Readings

In as little as 10 seconds, finger pulse oximeters can accurately determine your blood oxygen saturation levels. The results are conveniently displayed on a large, easy-to-read LED display. 

3. Small, Light-Weight, and Easy to Use

Because the pulse oximeter is simple to use, many people use it at home to help monitor their health. It is a small medical device that attaches to the finger. It’s as simple as that. 

4. Early Detection of Low Blood Oxygen Saturation Levels

The finger pulse oximeter can alert you if your blood oxygen levels are low. This can provide medical professionals with the information they need to determine the cause. According to research published in the international medical journal Critical Care, pulse oximetry could be used to detect “silent hypoxemia” in COVID-19 patients.  

5. Worthwhile Investment

The advent of advanced medical monitoring devices such as the finger pulse oximeter allows patients and healthcare professionals to reap the benefits. These are some examples: 

  • Extended surveillance 
  • Improved disease prevention 
  • Remote monitoring has been improved. 
  • Improved care decisions based on facts 
  • Workflow convenience 
  • Reduced healthcare costs 

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